Yolande’s Story – Lean & CLean

Four years ago I walked into Crossfit Plett, severely overweight and desperate for change. I had no idea how to achieve this as so many “diets” had failed. I did not know at the time of walking through that door, that not only would I lose the weight and keep it off, but that my life, as a whole, would fundamentally change.


Fast forward to the present day and I am fit, healthy, strong, sleep better, deal with stress more efficiently and overall, just a happier person. How did this happen? Well, the Crossfit Plett team, through initiatives like the Lean & Clean challenge, taught me valuable and lasting lessons around nutrition and fitness. It became very apparent, very quickly why all those “diets” failed: most fads don’t focus on sustainable nutrition. This is where Donald and the team were a huge help, guiding me to make better choices.


The knowledge obtained became the catalyst for change and ultimately healthy, sustainable habits. Oh and I lost more than 20kg!!

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