At CrossFit Plett we focus on getting people to move the way they are designed to move in a coaching environment. Young or old, moving well is a daily need. The bio mechanical requirements of an Olympic lifter who needs to squat 200 kg or an 80 year old who needs to sit in and out of a chair are the same. It’s about loading the right muscles at the right times in the right way to avoid injury and optimise our movements.


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Often people will come in and see us saying that they want to lose 10 kg, run a marathon, get fit, get stronger etc. What they start to realise after being with us for a little while is they ultimately want to be able to do the things they love doing each day, with more comfort, freedom and ease. Whether that is running a marathon, jogging on the beach, picking up the kids or playing football on the beach with them, mountain biking, surfing, skiing or just simply being able to get in and out of a chair painfree.



– We focus on building the foundations first – technique above everything else. Pushing, pulling, pressing, squatting are all part of the primary movements. Once you have the technique, we focus on the consistency of that technique. This means being able to do the basic technique required consistently well.
– Once you have consistency of technique, we can start increasing the intensity of the movement. We do this by going longer, faster or heavier.
– Every class is coached by at least 1 coach, sometimes 2.
– Every class and workout is scalable which means we are able to fit the program to every person’s level of fitness, strength and mobility.



The surprising aspect about CrossFit is the community that spontaneously arises. What normally happens, is you end up training with the same people every day. You get to know each other and you get to sweat together. People will naturally start phoning you to see how you felt after the last session and see if you’re going to the next session. And if you’ve missed a few sessions, you’ll get a call to say, “Hey, where are you?!”


At CrossFit Plett our community is friendly, vibrant, love being fit and healthy, and living each day to the full.
The people you work out with is a big part of the experience of CrossFit Plett. We strive to build a community that is inclusive, encouraging, motivating, committed and fun.


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