At CrossFit Plett, we’re excited to welcome new members into our community! We understand that starting CrossFit can be a big step, and that’s why we offer our comprehensive On-Ramp Introduction program, your first month of membership. This program is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and progressive introduction to the world of CrossFit, focusing on skill development and familiarizing you with our most frequently used movements. Our top priority is ensuring your safety and setting you up for success as you progress to the next level.



  • Let’s Chat: We begin with a brief conversation or chat with one of our experienced coaches. This initial discussion helps us understand your specific needs and goals.
  • Goal Setting Session: Next, you’ll schedule a goal-setting session with one of our dedicated coaches. During this session, we’ll delve into your medical history, current health, lifestyle, and aspirations. It’s essential for us to learn about your background, identify any potential health considerations or risks, clarify your goals, and tailor a training plan that suits your unique needs.


Our commitment to you is to ensure that you derive the utmost value from your training. This process is a crucial step in achieving that goal. It’s important to note that there is no obligation to commit to a CrossFit membership once you’ve completed the On-Ramp Introduction.



Upon successfully completing the On-Ramp Introduction, you’ll have the opportunity to select a membership package that aligns with your fitness journey. You’ll also collaborate with your coach to determine which classes are most suitable for your fitness level and objectives. You can explore the details of our classes here.



Ready to take the first step? Reach out to us via email to inquire about the dates for our upcoming On-Ramp Introduction Program. We’re here to guide you on your CrossFit journey, and we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!



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