On-Ramp (Beginners)


Our commitment is that you get the most value from your training. This process is an essential part to ensure you achieve that!


Have a short call or chat with one of our coaches to establish what your needs are. Book your goal setting session with a coach who will take you through a medical, health, lifestyle, and goals questionnaire. It is important we know your background, any potential health issues, or risks, establish your goals, and put a plan for your training together.


Complete 5 x On-Ramp 1-on-1 training R1800 (or small group training) as an introduction to CrossFit to get you up and going. After your On-Ramp introduction process, you can choose which membership package and time suits you best.


– Goal Setting & Lifestyle session = R360 per hour
– Body Assessment = R175 per assessment
Optional: Functional Movement Screen & VO2 Max test R650 (Dependent on the outcomes from your goal setting session)


There is no obligation to join CrossFit once your On-Ramp is completed.
On completion of your program you can choose a membership package and discuss with the coach which class will be suitable for you.


CrossFit Main Class


All Group Classes are coached and scaled to each person’s ability. We make sure each person moves well, has a great time and a great workout!


All exercises prescribed in the “Workout of the Day” (WOD) are coached and are adapted to suit your personal fitness and skill level and will help you reach your fitness goals faster and more effectively than any other program out there.



Monday – Friday:


06:00am – 07:00am (Every Morning)


CrossFit Lite


If you’ve heard of CrossFit but have been unsure to try it out due to lack of fitness, strength, confidence or age, this is the class for you. As the name implies, a “lighter” version of our normal CrossFit class. As with all CrossFit classes we still focus on the basic functional movements and getting your body to move the way it was designed. However, we slow the class down to spend more time coaching your technique and improving your skill according to your level of fitness, strength and age. We take time to focus on the mechanics of your movement, core strength, mobility and flexibility.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:

07:15 am – 08:15am

Get Fit Class

A 45min age and level appropriate class designed to get you a little fitter and stronger. Class size is limited. The Get Fit Class is designed for those on the move, no matter your age, fitness, body shape or what you do for a living.
Our highly qualified coaches use a mix of functional movements to get you moving better and feeling great. We focus on balance, co-ordination, agility and flexibility while improving your overall strength and fitness.

Mondays and Fridays:


Off-peak Session

Unable to make the busy morning or afternoon classes? Join our Off-Peak class to get your workout in!

Mondays and Fridays:


Old School Strength & Conditioning

Don’t want to run and Jump so much? Looking to get strong, lean and athletic?

Monday to Thursdays:


CrossFit Kids / Little Champs


Little Champs is designed for children aged 3-11 years old. Start building good habits now, getting them to move in the correct form. We focus on balance, co-ordination, agility, flexibility while improving their overall strength and fitness. We use a mixture of gymnastics, jumping, running, bouncing and rolling. An energy release and some good fun for the little ones! More info on our programme is here.

Tuesday and Thursday:

2:30pm – 3:30pm


Teens class

Correct mechanics are just as important for the teen as they are for a young child or adult. As teens grow so does the need and importance for a good core strength and conditioning program. As with all our programs we focus on improving their fitness and strength levels appropriate to their age and anatomical development. This is a great program for those teens wanting to improve their own sport and individual performance. As well as a fun ‘after school’ activity.

Tuesday & Thursdays:

3:30 pm – 4:30pm

Beach WODs

During December why not do functional fitness on the beach without a Rig…hence the name, Beach WOD! Smell the ocean breeze, with surf swims and surf runs, push-ups, squats, sand sprints, drags and carries using your own body weight. Finish off your workout with a swim.
Enquire within, based on demand only and subject to availability. Generally during December, you’ll be able to book on the schedule.

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