Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced athletes in their own right and are at least CrossFit Level I Certified (among other credentials).


They live and breathe health and fitness in their own lives and their mission is to encourage, support and motivate you, our members to live the type of lifestyle you want, because your health and fitness enables you to.



donald mikey beachI am the founder of CrossFit Plett and your Head Coach! Here is a little bit about me and my background in sport and fitness.


I was on the National and Olympic squad as an athlete for over 12 years and qualified for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in the sport of Taekwondo. I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 16 years as a Pilates teacher, remedial massage and exercise therapist, and as an athlete.


I now work as a Physical Exercise Specialist, Personal trainer and CrossFit coach. I specialise in Corrective Exercise Therapy and neck, back and spine pain and injuries. I work with people of all ages to develop healthy and sustainable lifestyles and fitness habits, so they are able to live and perform with more vigour, vitality and aliveness for every day.


I started my career working with individuals who had been brain damaged in accidents and used Taekwondo as a way to teach, rehab and train them. From there I qualified as a Pilates teacher under Stott on both floor, matt and the reformer. I now focus on functional movement and performance using multiple fitness approaches, such as Kettlebells, CrossFit, CrossCore-180, Pilates and Trigger Point Therapy to name a few.


I believe in the total wellbeing of the body. Every day I meet people who wish they were just that little bit lighter, fitter or stronger. My aim is to accomplish that by improving balance, movement, strength, speed, agility, mobility, flexibility and overall performance throughout the body.


I work with our clients daily so they can bring strength and balance to their lives through their health and fitness. I believe that losing weight, getting fitter or stronger or running a marathon is just part of a greater goal! Ultimately, in my opinion people (whether athletes or 80 year old) want to be able to live their lives with more vigour, vitality and aliveness for every day.


I believe in order to dramatically impact people’s wellbeing, we need to re-educate and revolutionise the health, fitness and medical communities in their approach and methodologies. I believe CrossFit achieves this. At CrossFit Plett, this is my promise to you.


Please call or email me if you want to get in touch. Alternatively, please just pop right in and see it for yourself.


God bless,



Werner HarrisBeing an avid sportsman I wish CrossFit had been offered to me from the start, when I started enjoying sports as a young 13 year old. Having grown up and gone to school in Plettenberg Bay, I grew up like most people in Plett enjoying a physically active lifestyle and partaking in various sports, such as soccer, cricket, hockey and body boarding.


After finishing school I moved to Cape Town and wanting to stay involved in sports I studied sports fitness and neuro-muscular sports massage.


After graduating I had the opportunity of working with sporting teams such as world cup winning Springboks, New Zealand cricket and various provincial teams, after which I was faced with the option of going overseas for travel and work or taking up a full time position with a sporting team.


Taking the advice of my mentor I decided to do the work and travel option. Upon my return to SA I was offered a position in Cape Town but my love for Plett overwhelmed me and I decided to do what I can to live in this beautiful town. It is here I had my first taste of CrossFit and it made more sense to me than most of the training I have ever done before.


It amazes me how CrossFit benefits people of all ages and all abilities from kids as young as 3 and 4 to adults over 70. I get a real sense of accomplishment and joy from being able to coach and bring my knowledge and experience to those wanting to experience the benefits of CrossFit as I have.


He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.


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