– 2 x per week – R900 per month (9 classes per month, R100 per session)
– 3 x per week – R1250 per month (13 classes per month, R96 per session)
– Unlimited – R1600 per month (approximately R80 per sessions)


– Get Fit Class: 2 x classes per week – R560 per month (8 classes per month, R70 per session)
– Off-peak Class: 2 x per week – R640 per month (8/9 classes per month, R80 per session)


1 x per week – R450 per month (4/5 classes per month)
2 x per week – R900 per month (9 classes per month)
3 x per week – R1250 per month (13 classes per month)


Book your goal setting session with a coach who will take you through a medical health & lifestyle questionnaire. It’s important that we know your background, any potential health issues or risks, your goals and anatomical strengths and weaknesses. You will also do a body assessment and that is how you track your progress and gains!


Our commitment to you is that you get the most value from your training. This is an essential part to ensure you achieve that!


– Goal Setting & Lifestyle session = R360 per hour
– Body Assessment = R175 per assessment
– Functional Movement Screen & VO2 Max test R650 (optional and recommended)
– On-Ramp 5 sessions 1-on-1 training R1800 (or small group training)



– 1 session R160 for a once-off session
– 5 sessions – R150 per session = R750 total
– 10 sessions – R140 per session = R1250 total
– Unlimited sessions = R1950 total


THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: (Terms & Conditions)
– We will open the booking schedule for a month at a time so you are able to book the regular slot you prefer.
– You must PLEASE cancel your booked time slots at least 24 hours before to allow others to book if you are not coming!
– Available spots on the day are served on a first come first serve basis.
– Booked sessions missed will not be reimbursed.
– Our On-ramp Introduction program is a stand-alone package. If you are not satisfied with what we have to offer, you are under no obligation to choose a membership package.
– Membership Packages are for an initial 3-month period and then a month-to- month thereafter with a 20-business day cancellation policy
– All memberships are on Direct Debit only


Strict COVID-19 protocols still apply and need to be adhered to. If we don’t adhere to these regulations we will be in danger of having our facility shutdown. Please remember:
1. Please come in through the front entrance! Sanitise your hands and sign the DAILY COVID-19 form.
2. Keep your masks on until we start training.
3. You do NOT have to train with your mask on.
4. Please wipe down all your equipment when you have finished with it, before packing it away.
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