CrossFit Plett is a Strength and Conditioning Facility that offers a holistic and comprehensive form of training for every person at every age and level of fitness. Our commitment is to help you get fitter and stronger by providing the best coaching and training services and facilities possible. Every group class workout is different. Our Coaches work with you each session to improve your technique, fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility.


CrossFit Membership:

All Group Classes are coached and scaled to each person’s ability. We make sure each person moves well, has a great time and a great workout!
Classes are hosted Monday to Friday 6am, 7:15am, 8:30am, 4.30pm.

▪ 2 x per week – R965.00 per month
▪ 3 x per week – R1335.00 per month
▪ Unlimited – R1695.00 per month


Other Options:

Get Fit:
a 45min Age and level appropriate class designed to get you a little fitter and stronger. Class size is limited.
▪ 3 x classes per week – R595.00 per month
▪ Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays @ 9:45am-10:30am.

Off-peak Session: Unable to make the busy morning or afternoon classes? Join our Off-Peak class to get your workout in!
▪ 3 x per week – R685.00 per month
▪ Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 2:30pm-3:30pm.

Open Gym only: Off-Peak times. Entitles you to use the facility at any time, provided there is no class running
▪ 5am-6am + 10:30am-16:00pm
▪ R550.00 per month


Small group Personal Training and 1-1 Coaching. If you are not yet comfortable with a larger group or maybe looking for more individual attention, we have options of 1-1 Personal Training with up to a maximum of 4 people in a group. Please look at Plett Sports Clinic info for more options and prices.
* Our Onramp Introduction program is a stand-alone package. If you are not satisfied with what we have to offer, you are under no obligation to choose a membership package.


** Membership Packages are for an initial 3-month period and then a month-to- month thereafter with a 20-business day cancellation policy *** All memberships are on Direct Debit only

Where do I begin? Have a short call or chat with one of our coaches to establish what your needs are. Book your goal setting session with a coach who will take you through a medical, health, lifestyle, and goals questionnaire. It is important we know your background, any potential health issues or risks, establish your goals and put a plan for your training together. Our commitment is that you get the most value from your training. This process is an essential part to ensure you achieve that!
▪ Goal Setting & Lifestyle session = R360.00 for the hour
▪ InBody Assessment = R200.00 per assessment Once-off Drop-in Fees: (All drop ins are valid for 2 months)
▪ 1 session – R175.00 for a once-off session
▪ 5 sessions – R160.00 per session = R800.00 total
▪ 10 sessions – R133.50 per session = R1335.00 total

Unlimited Drop Ins:


Terms & Conditions:
1. Class sizes are limited, please book your time slots on OCTIV before your class starts.
2. Available spots on the day are served on a first come first serve basis.
3. PLEASE cancel your booked time slots at least 6 – 12 hours before to allow others to book if you are not coming!
4. Booked sessions not cancelled will not be reimbursed.

CrossFit Teens and Juniors

Kids, Junior and Teens Classes

▪ Coached Group Class sessions: 1 x per week – R395.00 per month (4/5 classes per month)
▪ Coached Group Class sessions: 2-3 x per week – R695.00 per month (9-13 classes per month)

CrossFit Teens:
(12- 16 years old) (Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 3:30pm-4:20pm)
CrossFit Juniors: (7-11 years old) (Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:30pm- 3:15pm)
CrossFit Kids:  (Little Champs) (4-6 years old) (Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1.45pm -2.15pm)

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