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 What is the Lean & Clean Challenge 2018


Header1-300x170Are you feeling sluggish? Slow? Low energy? Always tired? Fat and fed up?


What is your goal? Are you training for weight loss, are you training for muscle gain, are you training for performance? When is the best time to train? Are you training in the morning or the evening? When do I eat? Before training or after training? What do I eat? Before training, after training?


How do I fuel myself effectively throughout the day so that I am able to perform at my best throughout the day with energy and vitality?


There is such a wealth of information out there today, it is difficult to decide which diet is best, which fitness fad gives the best results.


Whether you are a busy mom, office executive, work outdoors, or an athlete, these are just some of the questions we deal with daily and answer on the Lean & Clean Challenge.


The Lean & Clean Challenge is NOT another diet and is NOT a new fitness fad. It is also not a one size fits all programme. The Lean & Clean Challenge focuses on you as an individual, transforming your relationship to food and how you fuel yourself.


Register Now! Workshop starts on the 15 September 2018.


Workshop includes:


  • Your personal Lean & Clean Log book and food diary for the next 30 days.
  • 3.5 hour Introduction Workshop dealing with how best to fuel yourself effectively through the day and also identify what your biggest barriers will likely be the next 30 days.
  • First fitness test so we can track and measure your progress
  • Body assessment to calculate total body weight, lean muscle mass, fat mass and fat %.


The 30-day challenge includes:


  •  the Workshop and all of the above
  • 5-6 Weekly Body assessments with short weekly coaching sessions assessing your food diary and logbook. Based on your results, extra coaching as to where you can improve your diet, results and performance. This coaching is personal to you.


You have constant support and access to the Lean & Clean Coaches through out the program both at the gym and via a Whatsapp support group where you will receive advice and weekly lifestyle habits to work on and where you can support each other through out the program.


After the challenge, you complete a final fitness test and tally the daily scores. The winners are announced at our own special event.


The total cost of the Lean and Clean Challenge for is R1495! CrossFit Plett members get unlimited training included! BOOK NOW



Your journey…

  1. Nutritional-workshopWhen you sign up for the Challenge you acknowledge that it is a 30 day commitment.
  2. At this time you will schedule your first body assessment. It is advised this happens as close to the workshop date as possible (the Thursday or Friday before the Workshop).
  3. Body assessment = girth, skin fold, height, and weight measurements. Includes photos taken from the front, side and back. L + R (optional but preferable)
  4. Three days prior to the Introduction and Workshop, you will be required to log your meals (time and quantity).
  5. We will use this information in the workshop to analyze your diet and current nutritional habits. Additionally each participant is required to record what time they wake up and their total hours of sleep. Special note: All tea/coffee/waters/juices as well as snacks MUST be recorded.
  6. You will be provided with a Lean & Clean logbook with special notes and helpful guidelines. This is where you will keep your daily records. Additional notes and resources will be made available by email correspondence and online.
  7. All remaining body assessments must be scheduled before leaving the Workshop.
  8. You will also take part in a simple “benchmark fitness test.” A scaled version will be available for non CrossFit members.



Let the Challenge Begin!


log-your-dietYou will be required to maintain a daily diary recording your meals, quantities, sleeping habits, and morning and evening weight records.


Each participant is required to record their weight at the end of each night just before bed, as well as when they first wake up after ablutions.


This logging habit will be clearly communicated to each participant prior to the Lean & Clean introduction and workshop.



Fitness Activities



We strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to develop a healthy exercise habit. Through experience, we at CrossFit Plett understand what it takes for people to truly experience life changing habits. We know that working in a supportive community environment helps people to reach their goals and many times surpass their expectations.


More importantly, your community helps hold you to account, re-enforcing long-lasting change.


We believe that fitness is essential in weight loss and a vital part of living a healthy balanced life. At the same time we understand that each participant has a different level of fitness ability, or may have an injury or disability.


We strongly suggest that you participate in a minimum of 2 training sessions. We believe this will yield the greatest results in the challenge.


*There will be a special beginners class for all new members participating in the challenge, but it is not mandatory should you choose not to participate in a CrossFit Class.


All additional daily physical activities, this includes walks, runs, hikes, cycling, should be recorded.


Body Assessments


body-assessmentShow up for your body assessments!


This is how we measure real results.


It also allows us to correct your eating and training habits, and discuss your progress.







Completing the Challenge!


Upon completion of the Lean & Clean 30 Day Challenge, each participant will take part in the same “benchmark fitness test”. Your results will be recorded in your log book and a short discussion will follow reviewing your weight loss and fitness results.


At this time we will take a group photo and celebrate your achievement!


What does it cost?

To join, the fee is R1550.00. If you join before the 1st September, R1200! Spring Special!

Included is Unlimited membership for 1 month. If you already have an existing membership then you will be entitled to a 50% discount on your membership.


To sign up for the Lean & Clean 30 Day Challenge,


please email us at


or give us a call at 044-533-0155


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