Howard’s Story – Lean & Clean 30-Day Challenge

Lean & Clean 30-day challengeI found the Lean & Clean helped me greatly in this fundamental way: by studiously logging 6 key aspects of daily well-being routine, like nutrition, fluid intake, exercise, and sleep over a month-long period, I became keenly aware of where I was adding value to my health, and where I definitely wasn’t (and thus where I clearly needed to place more of my focus).


This persisted long after the course, so months later I was still more conscious of when I was eating badly, when I needed more sleep and so on. By being aware of these elements, it became far easier to monitor and moderate them, even way down the line. Another key factor for me was the solidarity – of doing it with other people who inspired me to remain on target and to improve a little every day. That’s why I did it more than once; not because it didn’t work the first time but because it was great to reinforce those ideas a year later and to remind myself exactly why it helped me the first time.


Oh, and I lost several kg’s or so in the process. I highly recommended the course for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

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